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If you have questions about your Share PRO account, it's best to start here.

  • How does getting paid to review work?
    Our system was built for music creators to have a reliable way to get quality music industry feedback, a chance to be discovered, and a place to network. As a result, Share PRO pays you as the tastemaker for taking your valuable time to listen and give quality feedback.

    Here's how it works:

    After a music creator shares their submission to your service, they will ask you to either:

    • Listen to their submission for at least 25 seconds.
    • Leave feedback of 12 words or more. (No copy & pasting)


    • Listen to their song for at least 90 seconds.
    • No feedback requested.
  • How do I earn money from submissions?

    You get to set the price. After you meet the listening period of at least 25 seconds and give quality feedback you will earn your fee. Once collected, you split that amount with Share PRO to help us pay the initial transactions fees, and our operating costs. You can charge a fee up to $5.00 per submission of which you would receive half the amount. You can request payouts to your bank account via your PayPal account. Learn more here

  • How much time do I have to review a submission?

    Once a music creator sends you a submissions the countdown begins. You have 48 hours to listen and provide feedback according to the request of the music creator submission.

  • How do I communicate with a music creator?

    When you are reviewing a submission there is an option to open a message chat with them. Once you do, that music creator conversation will appear in your inbox.

  • What if I don't respond by the submission deadline?

    Music creators are given assurances that if they share a submission with our tastemaker that they will receive a valid response withing 48 hours. Should you not respond within that 48 hour window the music creator will be refunded and you will not be eligible to earn money from that submission and it will be removed from your submission review list.

  • I only want certain genres sent to me, is that possible?

    Yes, absolutely. You can visit your tastemaker settings and edit which music genres you are looking for. Music creators will then be shown which music genres you're looking for.

  • What to do when Audio won't play.

    If audio won't play when trying to listen to a submission, you can click the button located below the submission audio to let us know there is an issue. The submission will be removed and the credit will be returned to the music creator. However, this will not be counted as a missed submission by you just as long as you let us know before the submission feedback deadline expires.

  • What type of feedback should I give submissions?

    Our music creators are looking for feedback that is honest, helpful, constructive, and gives them real world examples of where they can improve. If you love the submission, we encourage you to share it on your platforms. This might be the one break the music creator has been waiting for. Being polite and thoughtful while pointing the music creator in the right direction with constructive feedback, is the approach we request.

    Also, keep in mind that all music creators are given the chance to rate your feedback, which other music creators can use to help decide if they want to share with your services.

  • How do I request a payout for money earned?

    First you will need to setup your account to receive payouts by visiting our billing setup and entering your PayPal account information. Now that you payout settings have been set, once you have at least $10 in fees to wirthdraw you can complete your payout request.

    Payout requests will send the money you request directly to your PayPal account or bank account associated with your PayPal account. There may be a small fee that PayPal charges you during the transfer, please check with PayPal support regarding your transfer fees.

  • How do I handle disputes with submissions?

    After you complete a submission feedback, the music creator has the opportunity to dispute your feedback based on it's quality. If they believe that your feedback is of low or spam quality they can dispute it and request a refund. Once they start a dispute, the money earned for their submission will be temporarily removed from your account until the dispute is resolved.

    You immediately have the opportunity to respond to their dispute. It will then be up to the music creator to accept or deny your response. If they accept your response then the dispute will be removed and the money you earned will be placed back into your account. If however, the music creator doesn't agree with your reponse, they will be refunded their submission credit, and their portion of the money will be removed from your account.

    In order for us to stop abuse of our system, we monitor the number of disputes a music creator starts, and if they initiate too many their account may become suspended and be put under investigation. This is to help protect our tastemaker from those who may be trying to take advantage of them and our system.

  • How do I listen to submissions & leave feedback?

    To started, please visit Review Submissions to see a list of the submissions you've received in the order of the latest submission is listed first.

  • I want to take a break, how do I pause receiving submissions?

    Log-in to your tastemaker account. Then to take some time away visit: My Services -> Services Settings -> My Service Preferences. This allows you to pause submissions from being received until a date you choose. Music creators will be unable to share their submission with you until you return.

  • How do I change my submission fee?

    Log-in to your tastemaker account and then visit: Services Settings -> My Service Preferences

  • How do I manage team member access?
    Share PRO allows you to assign team members to access certain features of your account. To add/edit team members please visit: My Account -> Team Members. Currently, you can give team members the ability to:

    • View and listen to paid submissions
    • View and listen to free submissions
    • Leave submission feedback
    • Send messages to creators
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