Where To Find Good Indie Music
If you're a long time fan or first time listener of Indie music, we'll show you the best methods for discovering the music you love.

Good Indie Music

Where to Find Good Indie Music

Indie Music is one of the most special niches for music enthusiasts. However, with the latest trends in the music industry, you might need help finding good Indie Music or even an Indie Artist.

If you have been searching for a place where you can find good indie music, you have landed on the right page. This article will recommend some of the best indie music sources on the internet and show you how to find indie pop artists.

Remember that while Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes might show you some good search results for indie songs, you may find the best indie music on the following websites.

    • SharePro - Best indie music site!
    • Indie Shuffle - Specialized music suggestions!
    • Indie Underground - Catch up with the community!

Read on to learn more about the best places to find indie music online.

What is Indie Music?

We know you may already be familiar with Indie Music, but this section is worth reading for those who need an idea about it.

Indie music is a term used to describe a wide range of musical genres outside the mainstream. It is often characterized by a DIY aesthetic, which means that artists often self-produce and self-release their music.

This DIY approach to music-making often results in a more raw and authentic sound that is not polished or commercialized. Indie music usually has a more underground following than mainstream music and is typically supported by independent record labels.

Best Places to Find Indie Music Online

The good news is that there are a few ways to make finding good indie music easier. Multiple websites allow you to find authentic, real indie music from verified sellers and top-rated tracks selected by industry peers.

Here are some of the best places to find Indie Music Online.

1. SharePro Marketplace

SharePro is one of the world's leading online music marketplaces where you can explore extensive libraries of handpicked Indie Music and other sound effects.

You will find all significant genres of music in their member's area with high-quality beats and some great trances. Additionally, you will enjoy a massive catalog of music from artists all over the world.

Artists can also sign up for their music store, where they can sell their music beats and earn 100% of the profits. Buyers can listen to the music and purchase it to their liking afterwards.

2. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is a relatively fast but slightly less versatile website for listening to indie music online. One of the website's best features is its ability to find similar songs and automatically create a playlist for the listener.

Additionally, the Indie Shuffle website can easily be one of the best places to quickly find indie rock bands and good indie songs.

3. Indie Obsessive

You can quickly expect Indie Obsessive to blow you away with its high-quality and vast indie-music database. You will find everything in this treasure box of a website, including but not limited to YouTube links, Soundcloud integration, and lyrics.

Ultimately, Indie Obsessive is one of the best places to listen to lowkey music artists.


BIRP is a great website to download, explore, and share indie music with your peers. The website has a wide range of indie music available, and you can also expect new content to be added to the site regularly.

This website works by allowing you access to 100 new tracks from indie artists periodically. It also allows you to filter search results based on the trends of indie music in the past few decades.

5. TheLazylazyme

The Lazylazyme, despite being a YouTube channel, can someday wear the crown of being the most versatile platform to explore and find indies for music enthusiasts. The channel's owner regularly posts new videos that are artful masterpieces.

Combined with the aesthetics of the indies, the Lazylazyme YouTube is another recommendation if you are looking for quick access to Indie Music libraries.

Finding good indie music has never been easier.

Other Ways to Find Good Indie Music

We understand that people don't have the time to use websites to find the best indie music online.

So, they may have to resort to other choices. Here are some other ways to find good indie music.

  • Ask your friends or other people you know who are into indie music for recommendations.
  • You can read some music blogs or visit websites in your free time to focus more on independent music.
  • Finally, you can also check out online radio stations specializing in playing independent music.

Features of the Best Websites for Indie Music

There are many ways to enjoy good indie music online, but the best way is to find a reputable website that offers a wide variety of indie music.

A good indie music website will have a large selection of songs to choose from, as well as a variety of genres. Additionally, the website should be easy to use and have a user-friendly interface.

It should have ready-to-use features, like a media player, sound rockers, equalizer, etc.

Tip:Always ensure that you are visiting a reliable website when searching for indie music, as several scam websites on the internet are robbing people of their money and data.

Finally, the website should also offer various useful features, such as the ability to create playlists, listen to radio stations, and download songs.

Why is Good Indie Music Hard to Find?

The problem with finding good indie music is that there is so much out there, and it can be hard to sift through all the noise to find the gems.

Here are a few reasons why good indie music can be hard to find.

1. Industry Saturation

First of all, there is too much of it out there. People are recreating or self-publishing their tracks on mainstream media sources like YouTube, Spotify, etc. While these are some of the best options to scroll through Indie Music libraries, they are not ideal if you want to find music to your taste.

2. Small Label Releases

Second, much indie music is released on small labels or self-released, so it can only be easy to find if you know where to look. Finally, even when you find something you like, finding more music like it can be challenging.

3. Independent Artists

With so many independent artists releasing music these days, it can be tough to know where to start looking. The internet is brimming with indie music, making it even more challenging to find good indie music.

One way is to check out some of the more prominent indie labels, such as Sub Pop or Merge. Another way is to look for blogs or websites that focus on indie music, as they can help you find new artists to check out.

Finally, once you find an artist or band, try searching for similar artists on websites like SharePro or Indie Underground. You can find some great indie music to enjoy with a little effort.

How to Find Indie Musicians

If you're an indie music fan, you might be wondering how to find new musicians to check out.

Finding a new Digital Indie Music Artist in today's age is easy; the internet is filled with them. However, to find the good old uncle Sam playing his musical instruments, you may have to dig a little deeper.

Here's how you find great indie-pop artists regardless of whom you're looking for.

1. Online Music Stores

One way to find new indie musicians is to browse online music stores or streaming services specializing in independent music.

These platforms typically have a section dedicated to new releases, so you can see what's new and trending. You can also usually filter by genre, so you can find music similar to what you already like. SharePro and similar stores are great examples.

2. Local Shows and Festivals

Another way to discover new indie musicians is to attend local shows and festivals. It is a great way to support small businesses and musicians in your area.

Check out local venues to see who's playing, and don't be afraid to venture out and try something new. Usually, the best indie musicians play at local shows or only showcase their talent during festivals.

Therefore, you never know when you might discover your new favorite band.

3. Recommendations from Friends

Finally, you can also ask friends and family for recommendations. If you know someone who's into independent music, they might have some great suggestions for you.

You can also search for online communities dedicated to independent music to get recommendations from other fans. Telegram groups and Reddit forums are excellent places to get started.

A Perfect Place to Find out the Good Indie Music Online

Anyone can be an Indie Music fan, and if you are looking for some new music, you will never be at a loss to find it using the methods mentioned earlier in the article.

No matter how you discover good indie music, keeping an open mind and exploring different types of music is essential. If you want to get your hands on a wonderful indie music platform, look no further than SharePro.

SharePro is out-competing many industry brands in music. You can create indie music, share it with your fans and earn a handsome income. On top of all, SharePro has an outstanding interface to find out good indie music without much hassle.

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