How to Get Your Music Heard
If you're ever going to make it in the music industry, you need to get more ears on your art.

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March 16, 2021

We live in a DIY culture, which can be a blessing and a curse for how to market your music. The field is growing more competitive, but it's also becoming easier for talent to get discovered. You just need to learn how to promote your music and how to get your music heard efficiently. We've got you covered on both!

How to Market Your Music Successfully

The music industry is dynamic, especially in these times. There are more resources out there than ever to get your tunes heard. However, it still requires a lot of work to make it in the music business.

That doesn't mean you should give up on your dreams. Quite the opposite! Here are some tips to promote your music effectively so that you can realize your dreams much sooner!

Create A Spotify for Artists Account

Unfortunately, Spotify does favor record labels over indie artists. A large reason for this is the higher production value and protection from copyright infringement.

Thankfully, there are still opportunities to have independent music heard on Spotify. Spotify for Artists allows independent musicians to pitch their music to playlist editors. However, you must meet a few of their requirements.

First, you have to get the approval of one of Spotify’s trusted distributors. These third-party companies will manage your royalty payments if your song gets accepted by Spotify editors. They also verify the production quality and legality of your work.

Once your song enters the Spotify rotation, you will be able to claim your profile. All songs must be exclusive to Spotify and not officially released yet. So, make sure you diversify your content.

Spotify is clamping down hard on illegal song promotion efforts saying,

"When we identify or are alerted to potential or confirmed cases of stream manipulation, we take action that may include the withholding of royalties, the correction of streaming numbers, and measures to ensure the artist or song’s popularity is accurately reflected in our charts. Spotify reserves the right to remove manipulated content from the platform."

Spotify is making it clear that they can be as heavy handed as they like whenever they identify streams that are using paid methods that are against their terms of service.

Get A Soundcloud Account

Want to get your music heard on Soundcloud? Then, create an account with

Soundcloud is a lot more independent-friendly than Spotify. You can upload directly to their database. Then, you can manage your real-time stats and connect directly with fans.

Soundcloud offers fan-powered royalties. The more you interact with the community and promote your music, the more rotations your tracks will receive.

Popular indie music platforms

Create An Aesthetic

Once you get your music heard on Soundcloud and Spotify, you have to create an aesthetic. Both of these platforms come with video capabilities. Make sure you create content that compliments your music.

You can do anything from creating a light show to the beat to recording a full-length music video to cutting a lyric video. All of these tactics encourage engagement, which will ultimately promote your music.

Meet Tastemakers with SharePro

SharePro is the most efficient way to get your music heard by record labels. This interactive music hub puts your music in the presence of over 300 tastemakers.

These tastemakers come from various backgrounds throughout the music industry. They give you feedback on your work within 48 hours of posting. If the tastemaker is really feeling your music, they will reach out about further potential collaborations.

Tastemakers only guarantee 25 seconds of play before providing feedback. However, the average tastemakers listen to 2:51 per song. Therefore, you are likely to receive honest and genuine feedback that will help you grow as an artist and get your music heard by record labels.

This platform also allows you to network with other artists. In show business, sometimes it's about who you know. Create a solid relationship with your peers, and promoting your music will be easier.

"There are more resources out there than ever to get your tunes heard. However, it still requires a lot of work to make it in the music business."

Start A Podcast

Many independent artists have a microphone and a hard drive. Then, they can record a podcast.

While the goal is to figure out how to get your music heard, don't use self-promotion as the sole motivator for having a podcast. Podcasts are intended to build your brand.

Create a loyal following by showcasing your personality and discussing topics you know about. If that happens to be music, great! However, you might want to branch out. People can see (or hear) through intentions.

Just be you. Stick to what you know and topics that will bring your personality to the forefront. Discuss the shows you're binge-watching, trending news that makes you tick, or diets you've tried.

Then, use your podcast as a tool to cross-promote your music. Remember, diversification is integral to market your music.

Social Media

Word-of-mouth has proven time and again to be essential for the growth of any business. It's a free way how to market your music!

Your friends and family are your biggest supporters. Share your latest music video or demo with them. Encourage your loved ones to like, share, and comment.

Also, engage with your followers. Thank each person in a unique way. Switch it up with simple changes like, "Thanks, "Thx.," and "Thank you!" It seems so trivial, but these tiny gestures show the audience that you took the time to personalize your responses.

Here are a few companies that make managing your social media a breeze.
  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • SocialPilot
  • eClincher
  • Social Bakers

Go the extra mile and respond to comments on other peoples' shares. If you noticed a friend shared your jam session and their followers comment, acknowledge the accolades. It might prompt them to become your follower, too!

Also, post teasers about things you are working about. Anticipation is the greatest asset a promoter can have. Use TikTok to leak a new beat or IG stories to drop some bars. Get people talking, and they'll be ready to start listening!

Lastly, go live. Put on mini-performances that you advertise ahead of time. Make sure to use a relevant hashtag. Oh, and start on time. Nobody wants to wait!

Create An Email List

Email lists are essential for entertainers to market themselves. It keeps people in the loop as to when you're dropping new music, where you're playing next, or when the IGTV concert will be streaming.

Also, email lists are an excellent way to generate sales. Easily add a button to your online shop to help promote your music, sell merchandise, or book a gig.

When creating this email list, keep it diverse. You're not just interested in marketing yourself to fans. You want to get your music heard by record labels, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Here are a few proven companies ready to help you quickly and easily manage your email lists and improve fan engagement.
  • Mail Chimp
  • ConvertKit
  • AWeber
  • MailerLite

So, you need to catch the ears of those who influence these services and labels the most. Get in the good graces of bloggers, radio DJs, and YouTube content creators.

Remember: You might even want to create a separate list for them. Make sure they're the first to get any new material, press releases, or tour dates.

Promote Your Music Today

The music industry is ripe with talent that deserves to be heard. Chances are, you are one of them! Once you learn how to market your music effectively, the sky will be the limit.

First, define your brand. Create a social media following, generate an email list, and start a podcast. The key to promoting your music is promoting the genius behind it. Once people get to know you, they’ll be more apt to get to know your music.

Then, make sure you have all the necessary accounts. Try to partner with Spotify for Artists, upload directly to SoundCloud, and rub elbows with tastemakers through SharePro. Once you promote your music successfully, the sky's the limit on your career!

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